Seriously? He's equating raising a child with making an ad? IT'S JUST ADVERTISING! It really is JUST AN AD, but there's something about working with really REALLY creative people that makes it feel a bit more than that. This is just to say thanks to all of those people and to give credit where credit is due in this portfolio.

Work with the right people and it doesn't feel like work. That's the cool part. Making ads can actually be fun. Big props to everyone that's helped me become a better creative. There are so many more people than in this list.
In no particular order, THANK YOU:
Marcus Sagar • Judy John • Dave Federico • Morgan Kurchak • Jordan Gladman • Mike Johnson • Sean Ohlenkamp • Sam Cerullo • Kelly Zettle • Catherine Wong • Adam Thur • Rica Eckersley • Steven Tiao • Mike Morelli • Marty Hoefkus • Anthony Chelvanathan • Steve Persico • Cam Boyd • Heather Chambers • Janet Kestin • Nancy Vonk • Heather Hnatiuk • Chris Staples • Ian Grais • Bob Simpson • Rob Tarry • Jono Holmes • Ron Smrczek • Yvette Reitner • Jake Bogoch • Nabil Rachid • Jordan Mark • Barry Hann • Jackie Dejewski • Kurtis Martin • Arjan Esfandiyari • Jamie Brand  • Chris Dow • Jaclyn Manishen • Vanessa Joo • Mike Dubrick • Justin Santelli • Matt Dunn • Jenai Kershaw • Kennedy Choi • Ethan Gans • Ekene Oduh

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